Db2 Webinar – 21/05/2024 : Accelerating your Datalake tables with Db2 Warehouse Materialized Query Tables (MQTs)on Native Cloud

A fundamental piece of the integration of watsonx.data and Db2 Warehouse are the new Datalake tables. A new kind of table allows users to define an “external” Datalake tables from your Lakehouse, stored as open data formats (ODF). To access these tables, Db2 uses a Scheduler that splits the multiple objects that form the Datalake table in order to distribute them across the Db2 nodes. Each time the query is executed, the external table must be accessed by the corresponding Db2 node from the source location, which incurs the full communication and data processing costs. In order to alleviate those challenges, the Db2 Warehouse 11.5.9 introduced the full support of MQTs (Materialized Query Tables) over Datalake tables. With this support, you can create a column organized MQT as a Native Cloud Object Storage (COS) MQT over a Datalake table and get the full performance benefit of both column organized tables and Native COS tables. This webinar will present how to make these MQTs on ODF tables, some rules of thumb to make them, and show some performance benefits that were obtained by using them in a workload.

Speakers: Daniel Zilio and John Poelman

Webinar Details:

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  • Date: May 21, 2024
  • Time: 11am EST

– Overview of next generation Db2 Warehouse
– Introduction to MQTs referencing Datalake tables
– Setting up and changing MQTs overview
– How MQTs are used for query compilation and execution
– Some rules of thumb for MQT creation
– Accelerated performance results

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