[Announcement] Data Replication for IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud

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Hi Team,

I’d like to make another exciting announcement.

Today, we announced the general availability of the Data Replication feature for Db2 Warehouse on Cloud.  This capability, available on both IBM Cloud and AWS, will allow mission critical workloads to continue during planned maintenance and unplanned outage scenarios.

The delivery of this new feature is a significant milestone that would not be possible without ongoing collaboration among our HDM Cloud, Q-Replication, Console, Design and OM teams.  There are too many names to mention, but there was a lot of hard work put in by many to get us here.  Thank you to each and every one of you!

The Data Replication feature will begin rolling out to data centers as part of the March update.  Customers who are eager for the capability can request access immediately.

Links to blog and sales enablement materials:


Data Replication for Availability for Db2 Warehouse on Cloud – Sales_Enablement: https://ibm.seismic.com/Link/Content/DC9USaz460bEW3T2zRPMjSdQ

Rep4A on Cloud demo: https://ibm.seismic.com/Link/Content/DC0Z85zs9u_EqSRwZ9i21qNg

Data Replication value and how your clients can benefit: https://ibm.seismic.com/Link/Content/DC4sZETVRrm0iNgICgW73ddA


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