Evènement DB2 The DataView Show #9

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Titre :

The DataView Show #9: IBM Marketing Challenges and Puzzles with guest Buell Duncan, IBM VP Marketing

Lieu :

Online Instructions: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/7672794963761801228?source=ibmcomm Register to attend and participate! —

Quand :

jeudi 6 février 2020 18:00 – 19:00

Organisateur :

HDM Global <host@dataviewshow.com>

Description :

Not going to sugar coat it, it’s unlikely you will learn any fancy IBM technology commands during this show, but IT IS QUITE LIKELY this show will be uniquely informative and maybe the MOST ENTERTAINING show of our first season! Marketing is HARD, especially when you have a portfolio of technology as BROAD as the solutions and services offered by IBM. Buell Duncan is the man responsible for IBM marketing – what we see online, on TV, in airports, in magazines, at conferences, and more, and HE WOULD LIKE OUR HELP. During this show, Buell will share IBM marketing strategy and challenges, and share various ad and marketing campaign ideas to solicit the opinions of our show audience. So, please register, attend this show, and be prepared to share your thoughts and vote in polls for your favorite ideas. A few mouse clicks from YOU could actually influence how IBM spends millions of dollars on marketing. #HowExciting Live attendees will also have the opportunity to ask Buell questions. And remember, all live show attendees receive certificates of achievement. View Event: https://community.ibm.com/community/user/hybriddatamanagement/events/event-description?CalendarEventKey=8203f886-9103-4e9e-9de2-d005cac9156c&CommunityKey=5f34857e-d55b-404b-9806-a571c485c1ff&Home=%2fcommunity%2fuser%2fhybriddatamanagement%2fcommunities%2fcommunity-home%2frecent-community-events

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