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IBM World of Watson
Ginny Rometty

A new world awaits

We live in a world that’s being disrupted: our industries, organizations and even our very professions. This October, the world’s greatest minds will come together to explore how cognitive businesses are using data science, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence to extract new insights, enhance their expertise, and exceed expectations.

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New Speakers

Thomas Friedman
Thomas Friedman

Journalist, Author, & 3-time Pulitzer Prize winner

John Kelly
John Kelly III

Senior VP
IBM Cognitive Solutions & Research

Sebastian Thrun
Sebastian Thrun

Founder, Chairman, & President Udacity

Prashant Bhuyan
Prashant Bhuyan

Co-Founder, CEO, & Chairman Alpha Modus Research

Build your competitive advantage

World of Watson is the single best way to secure the business and technical training you need to establish yourself as a leader in the cognitive era. You’ll see firsthand how AI is changing the world in the Cognitive Concourse—a sprawling array of hands-on cognitive demos and activities.

Join 20,000 peers and experts for four days packed with 1,500+ sessions, more than 200 labs, workshops & certification opportunities, and countless networking events. Here are just a few great sessions you might find interesting:

Cognitive and predictive dashboards using IBM Watson APIs

Quickly bring insights to departments across your business with Watson Engagement Advisor.

Contracts and claims intelligence using IBM Watson Explorer at Swiss Re

Enable cognitive services to link structured and unstructured data sources—fueling a smarter, more analytics-driven strategy.

Driven by data: Marketing’s cognitive revolution

Apply the power of cognitive capabilities to the world of marketing, using the entirety of enterprise knowledge to quickly make the best decisions.

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