ConsultiX is a certified training center that provides professionnal training around Informix database technologies.

ConsultiX proposes training sessions going from database conception to data optimisation, including application development using Informix databases.

With our deep-rooted experience and knowledge of Informix products, our training sessions are provided by senior consultants who have acquired a great mastery and practical experience. ConsultiX gives high importance to the educational aspect of its courses, as well as the technical knowlege and cutting edge experience of the products.

In order to allow you to become operational on Informix products usage, development, administration and maintenance, ConsultiX proposes a wide variety of courses going from relational database conception using SQL language, to administration of Informix Dynamic Servers, including application development and connectivity tools.

All our instructors are approved and certified by the INFORMIX software Editor.

Specific courses may be set up according to your demands to meet your different needs.
We also may provide the necessary counselling for the establishment of a training cycle adapted to your needs.

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  • Conception of a database and introduction to SQL language
  • Informix-SQL
  • Informix-4GL
  • Informix-ESQL/C
  • JAVA Developping on Informix


  • Informix-SE : administration
  • Informix-OnLine V 5.0 : administration
  • Migrating from Informix-SE to Informix-OnLine or Informix Dynamic Server
  • Informix Dynamic Server V7.x, V9.x, V10, V11.x, V12.X : system and architecture administration
  • Migrating from Informix-OnLine V 5.0 to Informix Dynamic Server
  • Migrating from Informix IDS V7 to Informix IDS V11 or Informix Database Server V12
  • Informix Dynamic Server V7.x , V9.X, V10, V11.X, V12.X : database administration
  • Stored procedures, Referential integrity and Triggers
  • Informix Dynamic Server and Informix Database Server Optimisation
  • SQL access optimisation

Some products are available for free downloading
or lending!
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  • Introduction to UNIX environment

CONSULTIX also provides...

  • Enlightened advice in licence acquisition.
  • Financing possibilities.
  • Guided IBM maintenance renewal.

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