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During an application life cycle, 60% to 80% of the time is spent on the operation and maintenance phase. The objective of a consultant is to minimise this time for you by guiding you during each stage of the application life cycle.

The role of a consultant is to provide high quality advisory services, coordinate and monitor the project and ensure successful technology transfer.

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ConsultiX specialises in consultancy regarding data management systems based on Informix products.

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In order to satisfy your needs, ConsultiX offers its advices to assist in the determination of appropriate configuration and optimal architecture. Whether it is for a:

  • classical architecture based on a central server
  • client/server or n-tiers architecture
  • distributed architecture
  • configuration using a combinaison of the above architectures
  • information system architecture
  • business analytics systems architecture
ConsultiX will help you choose the optimal configuration, regarding functionnal, financial, ergonomic and performance considerations.


ConsultiX proposes to make an analysis and an audit of your applications and your databases servers. This will allow you to minimise the risks of future issues and facilitate the maintenance of your applications.

ConsultiX provides auditing services in order to abtain a global view that will allow to identify the robustness level of the application, the performance problems and respect of developing standards.

The following points will be controlled :

  • Robustness and error messages managing
  • Interrupt managing
  • Access concurrency and deadlocks
  • Optimal managing of access to the data
  • Good use of SQL statements
  • Optimisation of display commands
  • Performance analysis
  • Access security
  • Data integrity
  • Disk architecture analysis
  • Engine configuration analysis
  • Adherence to standards
  • Eased project evolution


ConsultiX will help and accompany you throughout your project in order for you to get the best out of Informix products, obtain the best performances possible and minimise the maintenance phase. A project of application development is divided into the following phases:

  • Analysis
  • Conception
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Implementation
  • production
  • Maintenance

The duration and content of this kind of service depends on the application, its complexity and the development team in charge.

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ConsultiX will help you to migrate your data :

  • from an Infomix product version to another,
  • from a different database system to an Informix server, and vice versa
This will allow you to take full advantage of the new features offered by the most recent versions and keep your database systems up with cutting edge technology.

ConsultiX set up a quality assurance plan to achieve that migration in a minimal amount of time while in the same time ensuring the availability, the integrity and reliability of your informations.


By this service provision, ConsultiX will allow you to benefit from a finely customised and highly optimised installation. The maintenance phase will then be reduced and all the tuning phase of your site, whether it is a centralised or a client/server architecture.

Some products are available for free downloading
or lending!
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ConsultiX proposes solutions for optimising your database servers in order to optimally fit to:

  • the hardware configuration,
  • the software architecture,
  • the users workload

ConsultiX will bring you significative enhancements to response times of your applications on all kind of sites. You will be garanteed to obtain the best performances without affecting security aspects nor data integrity.

In order to help you get the best from the database engine and the development tools, ConsultiX provides two kinds of optimisation:

  • servers optimisation
  • applications optimisation

CONSULTIX also provides...

  • Enlightened advice in licence acquisition.
  • Financing possibilities.
  • Guided IBM maintenance renewal.

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